Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun With Paint - SEC Tourney Style

God, I'm old school today. Less than 24 hours before the SEC tourney tips off, I'm using the paint application for the SEC tournament prediction. It's so easy, yet so horribly frustrating to use. I don't know why I even bother.

Anyway, I knew everyone needed to see the tournament bracket breakdown and how the Hogs were going to win the SEC, so here is bracket with a little help from my old school buddy, Paint.

1st round predictions:

Ole Miss vs. Kentucky

I don't think I'm exaggerating much to say that it's very possible to look at Kentucky and just go "what the (fill in the blank with your favorite expletive)?" Jodie Meeks is the best guard in the SEC and Patrick Patterson is arguably the best post player in the SEC. What the hell is wrong with this team?

Outcome: Blue Underachievers over Ole Miss by 8

Georgia vs. Mississippi State

Last year's darling that burst a few bubbles around the country was Georgia who won four games in four days to win their way into the SEC tourney. No Dave Bliss Jr. equals no chance for sweet Georgia this year.

Outcome: Sucky State over Georgia by 10

Vandy vs. Bama

If A.J. Ogilvy was just a little more street he could dominate. Instead, he's just another big skilled white guy who's going to be raking in money one way or another when he's done at Vandy. Bama is athletic and have shown to be pretty dangerous at times. Alonzo Gee makes Vandy his bitches.

Outcome: Bama over Vandy by 7

Arkansas vs. Florida, 8:45 pm tipoff approx.

The upset of the first round as Arkansas playing with nothing to lose looks like the team that beat OU and Texas many moons ago. Michael Sanchez punches Nick Calathes in his stupid face and Pelphrey delivers a sucker punch to the gut of Billy Donovan after a 88-84 upset of the Gataz.

Outcome: Arkansas by 4.

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