Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going to the Slammer

In the clink, the brig, house of correction, the keep, the penitentiary, lockup, the pen, the big house, the can, the clink, the cooler, the coop, the hoosegow, the joint, the jug, the pokey, the stir.

That's where Matt Jones will spend the next week of his life for drinking a few beers on the golf course thus violating his parole obligations stemming from his arrest this past summer when he was caught with cocaine.

In keeping with this post's theme, I watched about 15-20 minutes of Drug/Alcohol Court last night on tv. It's a local show featuring Washington and Madison county offenders, and is mildly entertaining. It was even more fun to watch after 7 beers and couple lines of cocaine. In fact, after sniffing some paint thinner and inhaling laughing gas, this was the best show ever! I couldn't stop laughing. By my fourth puff on the crack pipe, I was thinking about attending live in person for a taping of the show! Kidding of course, cuz drugs are bad, kiddies. But, I couldn't help but think of Matt while I watched it (unfortunately).

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