Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Real NCAA Tourney Gets Underway Now

The first weekend of the NCAA tourney is always fun as you try to pick and see which 12 or 13 seed is going to whack a 3 or 4 seed and become this year's Cinderella. But, alas, the top 12 seeds in the tourney have all advanced to the Sweet 16 and now the tourney really begins. The pretenders from such conferences as the Great American South Plains Conference, the Mideast Northwestern Shore Conference, and the Middle Atlantic Eastern Southwest Conference have all had their fun with the little guy trying to topple Goliath. Now, we down to bizness.

Yours truly correctly picked 15 of 16 teams. So, yes, I went with a lot of favorites and was handsomely rewarded by that. Only Arizona, who I had winning in the first round, slipped in under my keen favorites-only radar.

Since I'm here to brag on myself, and rightfully so, here's a look at who's winning over the next four days...

Sorry, Sooner fans, but this guy is done Friday night, unfortunately. Blake Griffin is a beast and I love watching him play, but the Sooner guards (minus Willie Warren) suck donkeys. Austin Johnson and his faux-hawk and long-sleeve boy Tony Crocker are going to get worked by Syracuse's thugs, I mean guards. Johnny Flynn is the best point guard in the tourney (UNC's Ty Lawson is a close 2nd) and even though I can't stand Eric Devendorf, the dude can ball. And, when OU has had problems, it's been with teams with good guards. See: KU (Sherron Collins), OSU (Baby Eaton), Texas (AJ Abrams), and even Arkansas with Courtney Fortson.

So, even though I think the Cuse will advance, here is my final four that I'm still sticking with from my bracket:

UNC, Villanova, Mich. St., and UConn

Send me a thank you note when you gravy train off my picks and it makes you look smarter than you are.

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