Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Not Sayin', I'm Just Sayin'

Not to be all bragadocious, but all of you in the 99.99 percentile in ESPN.com's bracket challenge raise your hand. If you listened to me last week, you too correctly picked all final four teams heading to Detroit this week and would be in that 99.99 percentile, that is if you could go in and change your picks in mid-tourney.

Sure, I had the 'Cuse beating OU which didn't happen. I just had the wrong point guard doing the damage. Instead of Johnny Flynn, it was Ty Lawson that ate up super-human Blake Griffin and the Sooners and instead of sucking donkeys against Syracuse, Austin Johnson and Tony Crocker did it against UNC.

Oh, now you want my final four prediction, huh? Well, on a confidence scale of 1-100, I'm at about a 50 with this, but I won't deviate from my original picks:

Mich. State beating UConn
UNC ending Nova's run

Mich. St. upsetting UNC for the championship

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