Friday, January 9, 2009

The So-Called National Championship Game

Doesn't it seem like football has been over for forever around these parts?

(Here's our bowl trophy. Suck it, LSU.)

My thoughts on last night's BCS Championship game (because I know you want it): Weak.

I'm happy for the SEC, sad for the Sooners, and after listening to Fox's crew last night, I realize that Tim Tebow can cure cancer, give sight back to the blind, and can single-handedly stop global warming. Tebow apparently is Jesus in a football uniform... only better.

Now that college football is officially out of the way, we can start focusing solely on college hoops.

SEC play starts tomorrow and the Hogs host Mississippi State. I know nothing about this year's Mississippi State team except that they are 10-5 with four home losses to teams like San Diego, Charlotte, Texas Tech and Washington State.

They just better be ready to enter the basketball mecca of the midwest tomorrow, because they will get spanked if they are not ready. Jarvis Varnado leads the Bulldogs in scoring and rebounding at 13 pts. and nearly 10 boards a game.

I think the Hogs complete their run into the top 25 next week with a big win over an outmatched Mississippi State team in a hostile Bud Walton Arena.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...a hog site that is fun to read!!! I stumble on this after suffering with Hog Call all season....thanks!