Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dismal Shooting Leads Razorbacks to Fourth Straight Loss

Dismal Shooting did it again. "DS" as his teammates like to refer to him as reared his ugly head once again in Bud Walton Arena on Saturday afternoon as the Razorbacks lost their fourth straight game - all in the SEC.

"You know, I've just been in the zone," said Dismal after the game, "Look at these three point shooting stats - 5 for 24! 30% field goal shooting for the game! Wow. Those kind of stats are the essence of dismal. Dismal is in tha house!"

Dismal has really been on a roll for the Hogs the past four games. Just look at the shooting numbers prior to Auburn:

- 2 for 14 three point shooting at Florida
- 3 for 15 three point shooting at Ole Miss
- 3 for 22 three point shooting against Mississippi State and only 36% overall

The Hogs are shooting 17% from three point range during this four game skid.

"I can't take all the credit," said "DS", "I mean, Courtney is 1 for 18 in three point shooting the last four games, Rotnei is 3 for 17, and Stefan is 6 for 26. Those guys have really helped contribute to my cause. Solid, solid teammates. When you're in the zone like I am right now, you just have to ride it out, because it will end soon and then it won't be pretty. Dismal will be a thing of the past, but for now I'm really enjoying it."

The best thing about Saturday's game?

D-Mac was back checking in on Dismal Shooting and the Hogs.

"Dismal is a mother," said McFadden after the loss, "I never hung out with him here at Arkansas. I was with him the night in Little Rock when I almost lost my toe and then we hung out some this season in Oakland. Dismal is a big fan of the Raiders."

Next up for DS and the Razorback basketball team: at home against Alabama this week

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