Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mississippi Burning

OK, so we are the best team in the Big 12 South by way of our wins over Oklahoma and Texas, but we are apparently the third best team in Mississippi now?

This is a suck, suck, sucky (it's my adjective of the day!) way to open SEC play after those two stunning wins over OU and Texas.

The game wasn't on tv and I didn't listen to one second of it on the radio either.
All I know is what I read - the Hogs trailed by as much as 21 points in the first half, cut it to six early in the second half, but could never get any closer in the 74-65 loss to the Rebs.

Fortson went for 24 points but only two assists to go along with four rebounds and four turnovers.

Even though Fortson's shooting numbers were pretty good (10-19 shooting 1-5 from three point range), I've never thought it a good sign when your point guard takes a third of your teams' shots (actually 36% last night). Michael Washington played 30 minutes but only had seven points and eight rebounds. The dismal three point shooting continued as the Hogs hit only three of 15.

On the plus side of things, just a couple games off of knee surgery, freshman Jason Henry scored 19 points and had eight boards off the bench in 19 minutes of play for the Hogs last night.

Next up: at Florida Saturday to take on the Gaytors.


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