Friday, January 23, 2009

Make Or Break?

Damn, Double K. You already pulling out the make or break game on us only four games into SEC play?
Yes. Yes, Double K is.
It's only game four in SEC play for the Hogs, and I may be a little premature in jumping into this, but a home loss on Saturday to Auburn 11-7 (1-3 SEC) could be pretty crushing. I'm not saying 0-4 in SEC play is impossible to come back from, but 0-4 with two home losses in SEC play is going to be pretty damn tough to overcome.
This game is huge with a capital H, baby. Were Texas and OU just flukes? Have the Razorbacks already peaked this year? Can the chicks on Rock of Love Bus be anymore trashy?
I think not on all accounts, and I think the Hogs come to play at 12:05 Saturday as they make some Cream of Tiger soup out of Auburn something like 178 - 16.

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