Monday, January 12, 2009

Mississippi State Spoils The Party

It was a SEC-opener party for the Hogs on Saturday evening. An event not to missed.

The Razorbacks graciously invited lame-duck opponent Mississippi State to come to Bud Walton arena and witness a team on the verge of greatness (or at least the Top 25).
Mississippi State was one of those guests that was supposed to hang out by door, not eat any of the food, and watch and observe as the Razorbacks entertained the guests with feats of greatness.
But what did those dirty, dirty David Hasselhoff Bulldogs do? They had a little too much to drink. They laced the brownies with laxatives, broke your television, spilled drinks on the brand new carpet, became loud and obnoxious, puked in the coat closet, offended most every guest, and set fires to various parts of your house.
The Bulldogs basically raped and pillaged and left the town in flames while you were left to clean up the mess.

Bulldog bastards.

A perfectly good 10 game winning streak that included wins at home against #4 OU and #7 Texas seemed to go to waste as SEC play opened up with a stunning loss to the team from Starkhell.

(Jarvis Varnado, you are not invited back to any more Razorback parties. You and your 27 foot wingspan should stay out of Arkansas.)

Now, the Hogs head to Ole Miss for a Wednesday night road test that will be the first road test for the Hogs since winning at South Alabama back in November. The win at South Alabama followed a loss at Missouri State, and began the 10 game winning streak.

The Hogs will have to shoot better than the 35% they shot on Saturday night, and the 3-22 three-point shooting will have to be better as well.

Come on, Hogs. Time to go crash someone else's party.

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