Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A President with Game?

A new day, a new President of the United States. We know President Obama likes to hoop, but the important question is does he got game? The next four years should tell us if President O can take it strong to the hoop or if he is going to settle for 20 foot jumpers that occasionally hit, but more often then not clank off the rim.

Will his ventures into the paint result in 12th row rejections like the one Tyler Hansbrough is about to lay on him above or will he finish with authority.
When he signs legislation into law will Bill Raftery be there yelling "Send it in Jerome!" followed by knuckles and high fives to his teammates all the way around?

Whatever the case, we are definitely making history here, and it's an unbelievable time to be alive and witnessing such events. With all that in mind though, I think I could take Obama on the court. I've seen enough of his game on tv to know that he's weak going to his right (that's nothing new though, we all know he leans left and goes left whenever he can). He's going to have to use that crossover and go right to be successful in D.C..

Also, his jumper is average at best, so he's going to have make the right passes to the right teammates at the right times. President O has many things to worry about including the economy which has shredded our current 2-3 zone, so it will be interesting to see if Obama's got game or not. Only time will tell.

Being kicked to the curb is former President Bush, who has been blamed for many things. Some things rightfully so. Others not. Whatever the case, and whatever your political views, I cannot deny the Razorbacks basketball below average performance over his eight years as president as the fellows over at Razorback Expats note. That's some good research there, I don't care who you are.


I saw Razorback Michael Sanchez at last night's UA-Ft. Smith vs. Northern Oklahoma College - Enid matchup at the Stubblefield Center in Ft. Smith. He was surrounded by lots of kids signing autographs in between the women's and men's games. I didn't get an autograph. Instead, I just yelled out - "quit fouling so much!"

One guy that won't be fouling in any games anytime soon is Brandon Moore who has been suspended indefinitely after being arrested Sunday morning by the U of A po po for DWI, no insurance, reckless driving, a fictitious vehicle registration, and possession of a dead body in the trunk. Ok, so I made that last one up, but c'mon Brandon - what were you thinking? If the Hogs hadn't lost three in a row, maybe this doesn't happen. Or if the fictitious dead body in the trunk was Osama Bin Laden, maybe this doesn't happen.

And, finally, from the - if-you're-going-to-play-a-joke-on-someone,-don't-be-a-dumbass file:
A couple of Eagles' haters crossed the line with Donovan McNabb when they used diesel fuel on his lawn, but were later caught when a box they left on his driveway with "Go Cards" on one side and "Beat Philly" on the other had a return address label on it that police tracked to one of the culprits. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Obama has game...after eight years of watching poorly designed x's and o's and wide-open jumpers missing the whole goal....a couple of missed shots will be acceptable for awhile.

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