Monday, January 12, 2009

Pelphrey To Redeem Screw Job

(We're coming for you Kennedy...)

Still scathing after the pass interference call that wasn't from the Arkansas - Ole Miss football game, head basketball coach John Pelphrey has vowed revenge upon the Ole Miss Rebels when the Hogs (12-2, 0-1) and Rebs (9-6, 0-1) hook up on the hardwood Wednesday night.

"Everyone, including the Ole Miss fans, know that the Arkansas Razorback football team got jobbed back in October in Fayetteville. I will avenge that loss, and help to lessen the sting a little bit on Wednesday night. I spoke with Bobby (Petrino) about it the other day and he agrees that I should do what I can to run up the score on Ole Miss and really rub their faces in it."

Ole Miss is without one of the conference's stars in Chris Warren who averaged 15 points per game as a freshman last season and was averaging 19 points per game this season.
Warren, who is having breast implants put in so that he can become a woman after he graduates, went down with a season ending injury when a body wax experiment turned horribly wrong (or maybe it was an ACL injury), and won't be available for the game. Also out for the Rebs is sophomore Trevor Gaskins (torn ACL) and junior Eniel Polynice (cartilage damage).

Basically, without those three players, the Rebels suck. Arkansas should kill them.

Of course this game also marks the second return of Arkansas assistant Rob Evans who coached at Ole Miss from 1992-1998 where he was National Coach of the Year according to College Hoops Insider in 1997.

So, let's win this game for Coach Petrino since his football team got screwed at the hands of the officials in his contest against Ole Miss, and let's win this one because we need to get back that horrible home loss against Mississippi State that I am still trying to rid from my mind.

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