Friday, September 19, 2008

No One Wants To Mount Cody: The Arkansas - Alabama Preview

Arkansas 2-0 vs. Alabama 3-0
Kickoff: 11:30 am CST
Odds: Alabama favored by 9
TV: Raycom Sports

Oh, that's his nickname? I thought that's what Terrence Cody's homeboys wanted to do to him. Everything makes more sense now.
I am, of course, referring to Alabama's one big, scary looking dude of a noseguard by the name of Terrence Cody, also known as "Mount Cody" because of his excessive hugeness. His Enormousness is about seven-feet, six inches tall, weighs 600 pounds, and still runs a 4.6 40 according to many Alabama bloggers who know way more than me about this beast of a lineman.

(Can you guess which one plays noseguard for the Bammer defensive line and which one would eat the defensive line? Think carefully before answering.)

There seems to be a lot being made of the monster in the middle of this Alabama book. Apparently, Clemson and Tulane and Western Kentucky struggled trying to run up the middle past the 800 pounder who bench presses Ford 350s.

I guess it's a good thing we are not predominantly a running team anymore, though I wouldn't be surprised to see Michael Smith break free for some yardage tomorrow around the ends.

But, if we do pound a few up the middle, don't forget that we have the best center in the history of football - Jonathan Luigs. Luigs, who is the current Rimington award winner for the best center in college football, will have his hands full with the 900 pounder. It's not too often that your "featured matchup" is a center vs. a noseguard, but that's what a lot of writers have seemed to focus on the past few days.

Let's not forget about the other players including the two QBs. Bama's Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson is off to a solid start this season with four TD passes and only one pick through three games to go along with his 62 percent completion figure.

Casey Dick, on the other hand, is averaging over 300 yards per game passing and completing his passes also at a 62 percent clip with four TDs and one interception. Last year at this time, did you ever imagine the words 300 yards passing and Casey Dick would be included in the same sentence together?

(Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson is in his 14th season quarterbacking the Crimson Tide and has never looked better.)

The Bama RB duo of Coffee and Ingram have combined for 455 yards on the ground, while Arkansas' Michael Smith has 156 yards in his only appearance so far this season against UL-Monroe.

Oh, and don't forget about the matchup between two of the most vilified coaches in the history of college football - Darth Saban and Bobby Petrino. The defensive genius and the offensive guru have taken their share of critisism for bailing on their pro franchises to jump ship back to the college game.

The Final Analysis:
I'm sticking with my original pre-season prediction as I like the Hogs to throw for over 300 yards again and win going away in Fayetteville 47-21. Roll Hogs Roll.

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gerry dorsey said...

cody really is a badass, but his skills are those that don't really show up in a box score. you just have to focus in on him and watch him for an entire play every now and then. he can often play a roll on passing downs too b/c he has to be double teamed...which obviously may not be the case this week.

best of luck to your boys...but not really.