Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This Day in Arkansas-Texas Revisionist History: 1969

Sometimes referred to as The “Game of the Century,” the 1969 battle pitted #2 Arkansas against #1 Texas in front of a capacity crowd in Fayetteville which included President Richard "I am not a crook" Nixon.

With a comfortable 14-0 lead after three quarters, Coach Broyles inserted all his bench players knowing that this could never become the "Game of the Century" if his Hogs continued dominating the poor Horns. The break was just what Texas needed to rally and take a 15-14 lead on a Jim Bertelsen touchdown run and Happy Feller’s extra point late in the fourth quarter.

But Broyles would rip out those black Texas hearts on the game's final possession by inserting his well rested first team again.

The Hogs rallied behind QB Bill Montgomery who was almost intercepted by Tom Campell, but instead, the fastball the Montgomery whipped broke Campell's hands as it went through them, and the pass was complete to the Texas 21 with less than a minute left.

All-American kicker Bill McClard was called on and booted a 38 yard field goal as time expired giving the Hogs the 17-15 win. McClard’s kick also hit one of the many obnoxious Longhorn fans that were in attendance on the head knocking him unconscious. When the fan came to, he was half naked and hog-tied to the field goal post that had been torn down and carried down to Dickson Street for post-game partying.

The exhuberant fans in attendance tore down the stadium in celebration of their win over #1 Texas and the national championship that came with it. It didn’t matter though as Frank Broyles resurrected the stadium by himself in just three days time.

(Tricky Dick couldn't believe his own eyes as he witnessed The Game of the Century in person in Fayetteville)

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