Monday, September 22, 2008

Wide Open Spaces and Keeping The Faith

The great thing about college football in September is that there's always another game around the corner. Another chance at redemption. Another chance to improve. Another chance to prove the naysayers wrong. Another chance to close those wide open spaces in the line. Another chance to avoid throwing 12 interceptions.

(bet you never thought I'd unintentionally intentionally reference a Dixie Chicks song did you?)

Arkansas' national championship hopes might have vanished quicker than a Glen Coffee burst through the left side of the line, but the chance to take out some of the big players in big time college football still linger for the next nine games as does the possibility of the greatest comeback in SEC history with the Hogs winning the SEC Championship! Don't shake your head. Don't do it. Keep the faith.

(bet you never thought I'd reference a Billy Joel song in the same post as the Dixie Chicks did you? bet you're thinking - where is DoubleK going with all of this randomness? well, your answer is nowhere, right now... but's it's possible it could be somewhere before I'm through here)

This is the second time around this season for a week leading up to the Texas game. I've already re-written the history books here, here and here in preparation for the Horns, and can tell you that I expect the Hogs to bounce back in a big way as Texas will be overlooking them in preparation for their Big 12 opener at Colorado the following week.

Plus, there is always the Mack Brown factor to throw into the equation which is loosely formulated like this: Mack Brown + Head Coaching position = chance at success for any opponent. Unfortunately for us though, that bastard Will Muschamp (think Auburn def. coordinator from last year that completely shut us down) will be roaming the sidelines like a pit bull on steroids.

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