Thursday, September 11, 2008

This Day in Arkansas-Texas Revisionist History: 1987

1987's classic matchup at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock featured a 4-1 Arkansas team taking on a 2-3 Texas team that was limping into the game with some wounded pride.

Texas QB Bret Stafford had completed a mere one touchdown pass on the season to go along with 10 interceptions and would be squaring off against an Arkansas team led by freshman sensation Quinn Grovey and junior running back James Rouse.

Arkansas would jump to a 14-7 halftime lead and would hold onto that lead late into the game as Texas still trailed 14-10 with only 1:48 remaining. With one time out remaining, the Horns took over on their own 44 yard line with one last chance to steal a win in Little Rock.

Stafford made a great throw to keep the drive alive on a crucial 4th and 10 from the Hogs 32 when he found Eric Metcalf for a first down. Texas' Coach David McWilliams burned their final timeout with four seconds remaining and the ball on the Arkansas 14 yard line. During the timeout, Stafford told Coach McWilliams that he could find Anthony Jones on a seam pattern if he could look off safety Steve Atwater first.

On the ensuing play, Stafford's prediction came true and he found Tony Jones underneath the backed up Razorback safeties for an apparent touchdown. What he didn't count on was the vicious hits from Atwater and Anthony Cooney. The pair blew up Tony Jones so hard that it jarred the ball loose and ripped Jones’ torso apart from his legs. As Jones’ legs lay squirming in the end zone next to the incompleted football, the Razorbacks celebrated and let out a collective sigh of relief.

Jones’ legs would later be re-attached thanks to the miraculous surgeons at a Little Rock hospital, and he would go on to an outstanding receiving career at UT.

Tomorrow: The Arkansas - Texas Preview

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