Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Saban Speaks

(genius cover courtesy of Gump4Heisman)

I took in Alabama coach/demi-god Nick Saban's inverview on ESPN radio this afternoon as Van Pelt and Herbstreit peppered him. I was sorely disappointed. All I got was (loosely quoting) "Arkansas is the best team we've played so far" and a bunch of gibberish about his team needing a better turnover ratio and more explosive offensive plays. He and his staff also harp on the team about playing with consistency and finishing. Weak.

Where were the "Petrino is a football intellectual child compared to me, aight?" quotes, and the ones about how Bama is going to roll into Arkansas and roll Tide right over the hugely overmatched Razorbacks? His interview was terrible at best, aight?

It gave me no fuel for the fire that will surely be burning in the pits of Razorback fans everywhere come Saturday morning. I have a feeling that The Hog Tale's interview with Darth Saban will be much more interesting later in the week.

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