Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dick Dominates Monroe

I'm not sure what was scarier for me this weekend - Eddie Money's face after a 90 minute concert or listening to last night's Razorback game on the radio.

Yes, mock me if you will, but I went to the Amp in Fayetteville on Friday night to check out the man born Edward Mahoney some 59 years ago. Dude is old, but I remembered that he had quite a few hits so I thought I'd check it out. The two tickets I had weren't to paradise, but they were free so the only Eddie Money I spent was on some nice cool beverages while I was there.

(Double K was sh sh sh shakin' after three quarters of the Arkansas - UL Monroe game.
Eddie Money, by the way, was like watching your alcoholic, hard-livin' run-down dad dance around on stage. It was entertaining and sometimes excruciating to watch.
His 20 year old daughter, Jesse Money, on the other hand, can definitely carry a note, and was plenty easy on the eyes.)

Anyway, by the time 6 pm Saturday night had rolled around, I had just completed my seven stages of grief, and had come to the acceptance (stage 7) that Arkansas did in fact play Western Illinois last weekend and did have to come from behind to defeat the Leathernecks.

Now, I feel like I'm going to have to go through the seven stages again this week as the Razorbacks snatched victory from the jaws of defeat as UL-Monroe shanked a field goal in the final seconds and the Razorbacks escaped with a 28-27 win, and are now 2-0 on the season.

Casey Dick had another outstanding game completing 22 passes for 323 yards and two touchdowns, and was half of the duo that came up with the game's biggest play. On a fourth and one with the Razorbacks trailing 27-21 and many coaches would opt for some sort of QB sneak or a power running play, Petrino showed his huge kahonas and opted for play-action. Dick completed a twenty five yard pass to seldom used tight end Chris Gragg which set up the winning TD toss from Dick to D.J. Williams (5 receptions, 126 yds., 2 TDs) with just over a minute to go. The Warhawks missed a 45 yard field goal in the final seconds. Michael Smith (making his first appearance after serving a one game suspension) was awesome as he rumbled for 157 yards and scored two touchdowns on 22 carries.

Texas week is officially upon us and the Horns were pretty shaky early on at UTEP before routing them.

Baby, hold on to me, this could be a wild season.

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