Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Razorbacks Use Shakey Head to Kick Bass!

Amidst all of the football going on right now, I had overlooked a crucial, crucial University of Arkansas achievement. Thanks to a gracious Hog Tale reader, I am proud to pass along this little tidbit for those of you in the dark about other Razorback achievements. And to the rest of the universities and colleges, I say 'Face!'

Behind the University of Arkansas duo of Kazuki Kitajima and Bodie Drake, the University claimed the 2008 National Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship! That's right, we have the best collegiate bass fishermen in the country, baby! After three days, the dynamic duo of collegiate bass fishing had caught 10 for a total winning weight of 31.49 pounds.

So, while our football team was getting stomped on the field by Alabama Saturday, we were kicking Alabama bass on the lake that same day (three different Alabama University teams tried to take down the title only to finish 13th, 16th, & 21st).

The only other SEC finisher in the top 25 was Auburn at 18th and 19th place. Where were you, LSU? Couldn't afford any decent poles? How bout you Ole Miss? Too drunk to fish? Mississippi State? Don't know how to drive a boat? I hope there were a lot of fans there calling the Hogs everytime they reeled one in, because I heard that loud noises was very conducive to fishing.

(one half of the winning due; this is Kazuki Kitijima)

You can go here for some photos of the tournament and the champion Razorbacks.

We're #1! We're #1! We're #1!

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