Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Hog Tale Interviews Nick Saban

As was fairly customary last season in The Hog Tale, we would always track down the opposing coach for a quick satellite interview about the week's game. Coach Saban was tough to track down because of where he is, but thankfully he took some time out of his extremely busy schedule to answer a few questions.

That doesn't look like Tuscaloosa in the background. Are you even in Alabama prepping your team for Arkansas this weekend?

Why are you in Iraq instead of coaching your team in practice this week?

Why are you picking on your quarterback? John Parker seems to really be a leader in this his 15th year at Alabama.

Wait, now you're getting political by taking a shot at Barack Obama. Would you care to tell us who you're voting for come November?

Good luck in November. Let's get back to Saturday. Assuming you are done cutting down terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and you make it back to Arkansas in time for the game, what is your game plan against Coach Petrino and Arkansas.

So, you are basically predicting that you will out coach Bobby Petrino and that is how Alabama will dominate Arkansas on Saturday morning?

What happened to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan? It now looks like you are in front of an ocean.

Thanks for the time, Coach. And, to quote the title of Joe Namath's favorite movie of all-time, I say "Bring It."

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