Sunday, September 21, 2008

Christmas In September

(Here's a football for you, Mr. Arenas. And, one for you, Mr. Woodall. And I think there's a good dose of Coffee in the gift basket as well)

It was gift giving time in September in Arkansas, and the lucky recipients were the Alabama Crimson Tide. An early running into the kicker penalty by Arkansas turned into the first touchdown for the Tide, and two interceptions later to Arenas and Woodall both resulted in returns for touchdowns and what was then a 35-7 lead.

Merry Christmas in September to you Bammers!

Wide open holes on the left side of the Alabama line for everyone! Here's one for you, Mr. Coffee. Mr. Ingram, no pouting - we haven't forgotten about you either!

The good news was that the Hogs still compiled over 300 yards total offense with no fumbles.

The bad news, besides the gut-wrenching, crowd castrating mistakes, was that the defense gave up over 400 yards including 328 of them on the ground.

If not for those seven Alabama touchdowns, this game is a close one, baby. Damn the rotten luck and damn The Saban. Bring back Shula!

(Not too bad for Michael Smith who ate up about 90 yards on the ground against the Bama defense)

On a more positive note for the weekend...


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gerry dorsey said...

i don't know what to say bro, it looks like a long sec schedule for the hawgs this year. now that saturday is over, i wish the ya'll the best.