Saturday, April 26, 2008

With The Number 4 Pick in the NFL Draft...

... The Oakland Raiders select - Darren McFadden, University of Arkansas.

Well, it's official, D-Mac is taking his 3.49 speed to Oaktown to begin the beatdown on the rest of the NFL. Can't say I'm overly thrilled about this. I mean, it's great for D-Mac and his family and his family's family and the next twelve generations of McFaddens, but I hate the Raiders. Always have. Now, I don't care if the Raiders go 1-15 next year as long as McFadden goes for at least 1,200 yards.

(Two outstanding running backs in the same backfield for three years. Doubt the U of A will ever see anything like it again)

With the 22nd pick in the NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select...

... Felix Jones - University of Arkansas.

I could almost type word for word what I typed about D-Mac above, because I hate the Cowboys. Have since I was about eight years old. Once again, hope Felix the cat has a great year, but could care less if the Cowboys go 0-16.

(These guys are D-Mac's new fans)

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