Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Wanna Be in the Yard

Everybody's doing it. Even Darren McFadden. Yes, D-Mac is "in the yard" and has his own blog over at If you read it, you will officially be a "Yardbarker."

You can head on over there if you like, but I've saved you some time by bringing you the highlights of his first entry entitled:
"How I Ran a 4.27 40 With a Torn Hamstring at the NFL Combine"

Loosly paraphrasing:
... the night before the draft, me and my boys Slick Rick, Fat Tony, Cousin Joe, Felix, and I were all headed to the best restaurant ever invented - Waffle House. It was about 3 a.m. We had been getting our drink on, and had just got through breakin' it down on the dance floor at a local club for everyone. Anyway, my cousin Joe (who I've never met before, but he says we're cousins) had just pounded another 40 of Old English and he was talkin' some serious noise about how fast he was.
So, after we ate, me and him lined up in parking lot for a race. Felix wanted in too, but I told him that if he can't break 4.4 then he should sit his ass down on the curb next to Fat Tony. Anyway, I heard my hammy snap about 10 yards into the race and the fellaz had to carry me back to the hotel because I couldn't walk. I thought it would heal overnight, but the next morning I still couldn't walk, but I slapped some ice on it, took a few aspirin, and headed on down to the combine for my official timing. I just sucked it up and ran because I'm a freak of nature, you know? What else was I going to do? After all, I am Humanity-Advanced. I blazed a 4.27 40 and then called it a day because I knew my hammy needed another four or five hours to become fully healed. I ran a 4.27 40 with a snapped hamstring! You know who was really pissed? A 100% healthy Felix Jones. He's my boy! But, man was he embarassed that I still outran him...

Next up for the now blogging Darren McFadden will include entries like the following: "The NFL Draft Part 1 - Do Not Draft Me, Jets." and "The NFL Draft Part 2 - Show Me The Money! Seriously, Show Me An Obscene Amount of Money."

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