Friday, April 25, 2008

The New Spring Game is Here! The New Spring Game is Here!

(We have who starting at running back? And what's this guy's name is starting at linebacker? Who are these guys?)

Yes, the new Spring game is here. The inaugural Bobby Petrino red-white spring game is kicking off Saturday at 6 p.m., and the Hog Tale is going to break it down for you:

Here's how it's going to go...
There will be lots of balls thrown. There will be lots of completions and lots of incompletions (refrain from making Casey Dick jokes). There will be some running and some hitting. There will be some kicking and some screaming, and there will be lots of cursing. There will even be some boo-boos, scrapes, and bruises.

(Perhaps, there will even be dancing...)

Nah, that'd be gay, and there's nothing gay about spring football, baby! But, I do predict that after the first three and out, that fans will start bitching because we're throwing the ball too much. It'll happen. No doubt about it.

And, finally, screw Wesley Snipes. I say, always bet on red.

I think Vegas has this game as Red as a 16 point favorite. I say the Red covers and beats the White Razorbacks by three TDs.

See my post below about the Razorfest activities that will beginning at noon Saturday.

You can go here for parking and shuttle information.

And, here is a breakdown of the rosters for the spring game.

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