Monday, April 21, 2008

Red-White Game Activities

Razorfest 2008 is coming up this Saturday and finishes up with the Red-White spring game or as I like to call it, the battle of the two best teams in the SEC.

This event is coordinated by Champions for Kids and is a wonderful event for children and benefits several local charities such as The Elizabeth Richardson foundation, The Brandon Burlsworth Foundation, LifeSource International, Camp Barnabas, St Francis Community Clinic, Yvonne Richardson Center, and the Arkansas Support Network.

Old Spice is putting up an actual Pirate ship and will be giving out pirate eye patches and temporary tattoos (arrrr!). Count me in on multiple tats - I'm going with "Hog Tale Boy" on my 12 pack stomach. There will be a Totino’s Sports Zone which is like ESPN game day where the kids can actually act as a sports announcer and will get a tape of themselves with the microphone, headset, etc to take with them.

Hopefully one of the kids there will be the next Chris Berman. I mean, Jesus... it's like no one has ever worked in television before... I mean, Jesus...

Tyson will have an Olympic Village and will be handing out miniature Olympic medals to the kids and lots of other things. Radio Disney will be there too which I understand is where some teenage chick with an average voice at best named Miley Cyrus got her start. Personally, I watch it just to see if Billy Ray will sing Achy Breaky Heart... oh, how I miss those mullet, high-top tennis shoe days.

And of course, once everyone is through participating in all the booths, eating, etc, you can take in the Red/White game, which I will have a breakdown on later on this week.


gerry dorsey said...

dude...i knew arkansas kicked ass at track and field, but that resume is unbelievable.

Double K said...

no doubt. i didn't even know some of those numbers. ridiculous.

gerry dorsey said...

i just realized i commented on the wrong post...i'm an idiot. oh got the point.