Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Razorback Kickball: Where Domination Happens

(Razorback All-American candidate, pitcher Yars Sveltman, preparing to break off some nasty junk for the next kicker.)

I know you're probably reading this saying to yourself, wow, DoubleK you're talking about Razorback kickball? And you're thinking one thing. Well, I'm thinking the same thing too... kickball is awesome! Not quite on the whole Dodgeball level, but still, you get to kick the crap out of big bouncy red balls.

Decked out in his green practice garb, Arkansas kickball pitching sensation Yars Sveltman says, "It's all about U of A pride," when asked why he and his Razorback teammates started Arkansas Razorback kickball. "There are some outstanding kickball teams around the country and especially in my native Norway. Even though this is our first season as a University team, we think we can go all the way. I think if we can get Coach Petrino to agree to let Alex Tejada come out for the team, that this group of Hog Kickballers could be pretty special come NCAA tournament time."

For now, the Hog kickballers are practicing in a local pasture with cows because there is no room for them on campus after being banned by the administration, which claims that they no nothing about any Arkansas Razorback kickball team.

"Sure we step in the occasional cow pattie - in more ways than one," said Yars while letting out a Norwegian laugh, "but that's just the price you have to pay sometimes to be good. And, we're good. The University may not recognize it, but we do, and we're determined to have our one shining moment soon."

(Yars' Norwegian cousin, Sven, is famous for his wicked bouncie curveball, and is also considered one of the top pitchers in the U.S.)

Arkansas Razorback Kickball 2008: We Kick Balls!

Oh, and a happy tax day to you!

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