Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Baseball, Some Football

Well, as you can tell by my lack of posting, there hasn't been much crap going on this week in Razorback land. The Diamond Hogs continue to struggle even though they won a 2-1 pitcher's duel at Florida yesterday. The win puts the Razorbacks at 18-14 on the year and 4-8 in the SEC West, which is good for fifth place.

This area did have the inaugural home opener of the Kansas City AA affiliate - the Northwest Arkansas Naturals. The Naturals are 3-5 on the season (as you would expect for a KC affiliate), but that is good enough for a tie for first in the North Division of the Texas League (which you wouldn't expect from a KC affiliate).

Honestly, I'm looking forward to attending some games this summer as minor league baseball is all about entertainment and affordability, and who knows maybe some misguided drunken Arkansan hillbilly will take a shot at our creepy mascot.

(Here is the NWA Naturals mascot, "Strike," posing with a child just before he ate him. Seriously, this so-called mascot is going to set some sort of unbreakable record for making babies cry while creeping everyone out. I think he has those Jack Nicholson "Here's Johnny" eyes from "The Shining.")

Heeerrre's Strike!

Here's your brief recap of Friday's scrimmage:

Lots of balls thrown - 78 total (C. Dick 36, R. Mallett 12, A. Mortensen 15, N. Dick 15).
Not as many completions - 39 total (C. Dick 21, Mallett 5, Mortensen 7, N. Dick 6)
4 TDs (2 by C. Dick, 1 each by Mortensen and N. Dick)

Brandon Barnett rushed 22 times for 84 yards, but fumbled five times. Coach Petrino proceeded to superglue the ball to Barnett's hands to be worn at all times until the season begins.

(Barnett has yet to reach this level of superglue status, but he is on his way after five fumbles)

Injury report:
The scrimmage was a long one (164 snaps all totaled), but some of the missing Hogs included:
RB Michael Smith (injured after one carry and five yards into the scrimmage)
CB Jarrell Norton
RB Chip Gregory
WR Crosby Tuck
LB Elston Forte
QB Ryan Mallett injured his throwing hand after hitting it on a helmet after a throw.


gerry dorsey said...

northwest arkansas sasquatches???

Double K said...
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Double K said...

exactly... or, the northwest arkansas baby-eaters