Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friday At The Rock

From the oh, just great department: Looks like Michael Smith will not be playing in the LSU game and both Antwain Robinson and Earnest Mitchell will be out for the second week in a row for violating team rules.

After a "successful" first game, it appears that Nathan Dick will get his second start of his career while big brother Casey comes off the bench. Casey is only 240 yards short of the all-time passing record at Arkansas, but that will be hard to get if Nathan plays even reasonably well. A roller coaster ride indeed it has been for Casey who suits up for the final time as an Arkansas Razorback.

Of course, the final game against LSU brings to an end what I had hoped was just the beginning of a "Dick Dynasty" back when I wrote about the two brothers battling for the starting job before the 2007 season. Casey will move on to wedded bliss and Nathan will return next year to battle Ryan Mallet for the starting spot.

In honor of this being Casey Dick's final game, I salute him with my own "10 Things I Love About Casey"...

(Don't think Casey was too worried about his quarterback rating in this picture)

Oh, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours tomorrow. The Hog Tale will return on Friday morning with a preview of our ass-whippin' of LSU...

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