Monday, November 10, 2008

Kickers Gone Wild

This is what happens when kickers and booze get together.



Former Razorback place kicker Shay Haddock was arrested early Sunday morning on public intox and minor in possession just about five days after quitting the team. Haddock took over the kicking duties earlier in the year when Alex Tejada struggled. Instead of getting drunk and quitting, Tejada battled back and eventually won back his job.

So, Haddock, obviously frustrated at being a back-up kicker once again, quit and went out and got himself hammered. Atta boy.

Without being too judgemental, there could be a myriad of reasons behind Haddock's retirement from U of A kicking chores. For instance, maybe Haddock was pissed at the holder, because holders can drive you nuts. Just ask these two kickers...

(Aaugh! I am going to jam a knife in your eye!)

(Laces Out!)

(Maybe he missed his chance and never got his Martin Grammatica moment?)

(Or maybe, he's more of a Vanderjagt fan?)

(Maybe he was demoted behind Tejada AND our new second string kicker who recently transferred from Texas State)

Whatever it may have been, all I know is that the kiddies out there should take note - nothing good ever happens when you quit your team.

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