Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mississippi State Week - Bulldogs Are Boring

The one thing with Mississippi State is that they have the worst blogs and/or websites in the SEC. I can barely find any MSU websites and can't really find any blogs other than the updated-every-so-often Mississippi State Sports Blog which does a decent job. But for me, I'm too frantic and I need some pretty pictures or some video to occupy my sight line on occasion, and that blog doesn't have any so I don't spend any time there at all.

MSU just plain makes it hard to hate them, because there are not enough stupid sites out there with people writing idiotic things about others, and MSU usually sucks at the big sports in general. There are always exceptions from year to year, but in general we all know that MSU is no power player in the collegiate sports world.

Now, if you've read this site any, then you know that it is pretty much 100% truth and completely impartial when it comes to the Razorbacks and their opponents.
I say all of this because it just makes for a really boring week leading up to the MSU game. In fact, I'd like to trade MSU to some other conference for somebody else that will liven up the SEC West some more.

The SEC West has Petrino, Nutt, Miles, Saban, Tuberville, and... Croom? All five of the other coaches on this side either lead with bigger than life egos, crazy personalities, or have polarizing histories that drive endless hours of debate on the radio and this crazy passing phase known as the internet.

(It's pretty much gloom and Croom once again in Starkville this season)

Like I did last year, I'll be giving head coach Sylvester Croom a chance to liven things up a bit here in the Hog Tale when I get him for an interview via the magical web satellite powers we possess here. Check back tomorrow sometime for the amazing Hog Tale interview with the Croomer.

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