Thursday, November 6, 2008

You Can't Win!

Ron Aiken has spoken. I, for one, am giving up. Columnist Ron Aiken somewhere over in the lesser Carolina is convinced of a dominating, come to the whipping post you little piglets victory over Arkansas on Saturday. After his compelling argument (you have to read it first obviously), I think it best if Petrino and the boys just save the state and university the embarassment, and remain at home in the comfy confines of the majestic ozark mountains. Just email the loss in. No one will think any lesser of you (probably).

Ah, but I jest! That's just silly and one thing my readers know is that this blog is anything but silly! You, Mr. Ron Aiken, lover of Clay, shall get the mighty Razorbacks in your raucous Lesser Carolina SEC atmosphere on Saturday afternoon! And, yes, that mighty, nationally ranked Gamecock defense will have its' chance at payback from last year's horribly, disfiguring humiliation in Fayetteville.

And, though, I will acknowledge that it is possible that this Gamecock defense might be better than last year's, this is why we play the game. That, and the hundreds of Petrino versus Spurrier angles we'll get.

(The witty, obligatory and never-before-thought-of Clay Aiken reference that I just made in today's retaliating post of Ron Aiken was at no extra cost to you good readers)

Even if their is some measure of revenge on Saturday, and the Cocks somehow come away with a hard fought win (due to horrendous officiating and/or cheating), it can and will never erase the 520+ yards the '07 Gamecock defense gave up. It's like trying to drink away a past lover or moving to another city after being fired from a job for watching porn on the internet at work. It's only a temporary band-aid on the pain and suffering of the past. Until your running game actually shreds an Arkansas defense for 500+ yards, nothing you can do on Saturday will even come close to erasing that ultimate humiliation that will live on in Razorback lore, and will continue to be brought up every year when the Cocks and Hogs get together on the gridiron until you and I and the 70,000 plus in attendance at last year's game are long gone from this planet.

Best of luck to you Gamecockers come Saturday, and may the memory of '07 live on forever.

Tomorrow: The Arkansas - South Carolina Preview

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