Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Because they saw how awesome the new look to my blog is doing in attracting readers, the University of Arkansas' new athletics website is up and fully operational and much better than the old one. Arkansasrazorbacks.com is up and running and has combined the old hogwired.com and ladybacks.com into one new glorious website promoting all the men's and women's sports. We no longer have "Lady" anything. We just have Razorbacks and Razorbacks women.

Jonathan Luigs is set once again this year to dominate the center position in the SEC as he (unbelievably) is the only Preseason 1st team All-SEC pick from the Razorbacks. Face it, if you are a fan of another SEC team, your center sucks.

(Ain't nobody getting by the baddest center on the planet)

Coach Petrino is getting set to make his SEC Football Media Days debut on Friday in Hoover, Alabama. The Razorback contingent will be Petrino, Luigs, and linebacker Elston Forte. There is a good chance that The Hog Tale will bring you some inside, off the record quotes and stories about the three day event that begins tomorrow from Hoover.

Hoover, of course, was where the MTV reality show "Two-A-Days: Hoover High" was filmed which included the "colorful" one-time head coach Rush Propst who left/resigned/was fired/was pushed out and ended up at Colquitt County High in Moultrie, Georgia where he'll begin his first season there.

That dude raked in a hundred grand base salary at Hoover and is reported to be receiving close to the same at Colquitt. Not bad for a guy who cheated on his wife and allegedly spied on opponents, played ineligible players and manipulated grades for his Hoover boys. Alabama coaches are all the same. Hoover High of course is the alma mater of the best Alabama quarterback of all-time, John Parker Wilson.

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