Monday, July 28, 2008

It Was Just Marijuana, Officer

Well, as has been the case for most Arkansas receivers the past couple of years (sans Marcus Monk), another case of a receiver not running a good route and avoiding his defender occurred Saturday night when sophomore WR Marques Wade was pulled over and now faces drunken driving charges after nearly hitting a police officer with his car.

Initially he denied that he had been drinking but admitted to smoking a little weed earlier in the day. Good one, Marques (who is from Georgia, so that explains it a little bit). Of course, his blood-alcohol level came in at .11 which is above the .08 limit.

I'm pretty sure Coach Petrino is pissed, and I see a whole lot of "early morning workouts" in Marques' future if he survives. The arrest brings the current Razorbacks total to five arrests by current team members so far this year.

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