Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Post 4th of July

I trust everyone didn't blow any limbs off and had a safe and fun-filled July 4th weekend. As for myself over the past four or five days, I packed in a live rodeo, my first ever LPGA event in person, some swimming, some BBQ, an unbelievable Wimbledon final on TV, and even a DVD movie - "Jumper". I watched that movie and thought to myself what the hell was that movie about? And what's with all the jumping around? Anyway, I give it a slight thumbs up just because it had the baddest man on the planet in it - a white-haired Samuel L. Jackson.

(No way am I ever doing this)

For the rodeo thing, it's kind of getting to be a tradition with me and the family. You don't have to wear your wranglers and boots and spurs to attend. I take the Jimmy Buffett cowboy approach and go in shorts and flip flops. But, if you've never seen a bull jack-up a cowboy in a bull riding event live, then you, my friend, need to find a rodeo to attend one day.

As for the LPGA event held here in Northwest Arkansas for the second year, I have to say that those chicks can pound the ball and hit 'em straight. Unfortunately, the LPGA's slogan or whatever you want to call it might need a slight adjustment. Currently, it says something like "These Girls Rock!" Might want to think about changing it to "These Asian Girls Rock!" because the LPGA tour is being engulfed and dominated by Asian chicks especially those hailing from South Korea.

(With one tour victory, Natalie Gulbis is at least one notch above the Anna Kournikovas of the sporting world)

A few links...

The Arkansas College and High School Football Preview Magazine is out and also available online with articles about Coach Petrino, Casey Dick, and Jonathan Luigs. The magazine's only mistake is not picking Arkansas to win the National Championship next season. In fact, they are only picking Arkansas to finish 5th in the SEC West. How is that going to sell any magazines? Would you want that magazine or say "The Hog Tale's College Football Preview" with a large caption reading "Why Arkansas Will Win the National Championship This Season" on it?

Arkansas Sports 360 also has a list of Arkansas athletes that have made the Olympic team and will be representin' in Beijing soon.

And, here's a full rundown on the aforementioned LPGA event won by some Korean chick who beat another Korean chick. I think it's safe to say that Korea will be dominating women's golf for years to come.

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