Monday, August 27, 2007

SEC West Preview

I will refer to this preview as “The Battle For Second Place.” If you read my SEC East predictions then you know I like the Kentucky Wildcats this year as my sleeper pick for SEC East dominance over both Georgia and Florida. Scoff now if you will, but I’ll humbly accept your apologies come December. Now, on with the best of the SEC, the SEC West:

(Even the Lizard King knows "the west is the best")

1 Arkansas – like there is any doubt. Best backfield in the world with McFadden and Jones with McFadden being best RB in the history of NCAA football. Best kicker in the country. Best defensive coordinator on the planet. Best offensive line in the SEC. The mythical and legendary Frank Broyles as A.D. for one more regular season. The list is endless. There is a 12-0 season ahead along with the Heisman trophy and numerous other post season honors to be awarded at the end of the season. You can see my game by game predictions in the side column.

2 LSU – the Tigers probably have the second most talent in the nation. It’s too bad that Les Miles is their coach. Their talent level is definitely close to Arkansas’, but the coaching is their Achilles heel. Speaking of heels, The Golden Boot will be coming back to Arkansas this season where it belongs.

(I'm Les Miles. I don't know how in the world I got this job, but I'm going to make lots of money until I get fired.)

3 Auburn – With the hiring of King Saban in Tuscaloosa, Auburn has been flying under the radar most of the summer. I think Auburn can squeeze out 10 wins this season.

4 Alabama – welcome to Hell, Nick Saban. If you don’t finish any higher than fourth in the SEC West, get ready for the hate mail. If this happens, you will be less popular than Gary Cherone at a Van Halen reunion.

5 Ole Miss – I’m amazed that Deuce McAllister and Eli Manning both played there. Just amazed.

6 – Mississippi State – I hope Sylvester Croom’s team scores this season. I think they might against Ole Miss. If so, that should be enough to keep him around another season I hope. I think their battle cry this year should be "Croom and Doom"

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end.

Later this week will be some news and notes, my take on Marcus Harrison being set up, as well as a preview of the Troy demolition on Saturday.

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