Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Harrison Arrest - Bogus!

(Is this the face of a drug taking, marijuana smoking, non seat belt wearing menace to society?)

I’ve been carefully biding my time before releasing the official what happened story on starting defensive end Marcus Harrison's arrest Friday night. I wanted to have my facts right and pass them along to you to make the Razorback nation more informed and educated as to the whys and hows and whens.

Here's what we know:
Yes, Harrison, who started five games last year was arrested around 11pm Friday night. Yes, he was found with one blue ecstasy pill in a clear plastic bag in his pocket. Yes, he had one half smoked cigar in his car that contained marijuana and another one that was unsmoked. The police report shows that Harrison was being held on charges of "felony possession of a controlled substance, speeding, driving with a restricted driver's license and not wearing a seat belt."

We also know:
Coach Houston Nutt said Saturday that Harrison had violated team rules and would not play in the No. 21 Razorbacks' season opener against Troy on Sept. 1. Nutt said Harrison could "face further disciplinary measures." Senior Chris Wade was listed as Harrison's backup, but could now be the next superstar Hog.

You know why Harrison had a blue pill in his pocket? I'll tell you why. Because he had taken the red pill already! Yes, just like Neo in the movie, “The Matrix,” Marcus was going to be “The One” this season at defensive end. Unfortunately a band of Mr. Andersons (aka: the rest of the SEC league) secretly united together to make Arkansas’ run to an undefeated season a little more difficult by tipping off authorities about Marcus Harrisons’ whereabouts last Friday evening.
The red pill gave him the clarity about the dangers of drugs and made him aware of his role model status within the community and for children. He carries the blue pill in his pocket as a constant reminder to not do drugs because they will make you blue and sad and it would be a life he would not want. That blue pill serves as nothing more than a reminder. The fact that it is called “Ecstasy” just reminds Marcus to be happy for the life he has. Sure he could carry around something else as a reminder, but is it really that big of a deal? I say no. And kids, you should say no as well and no to drugs too.

(He's not Neo. He's Marcus Harrison and he's still "The One (who was mistakenly suspended!)"

Obviously, the marijuana cigars in the car were medical and what helped Harrison recover so quickly from his torn ACL he suffered just last March during spring practice. I’m sure his doctor will gladly explain that to the coaching staff and University officials. If Marcus Harrison is guilty of anything, it was the obvious safety violation of not wearing his seat belt. He could have got himself killed not wearing a seat belt and then where would the Hogs be without a 1st Team All SEC (and potential All-American) performer at defensive end? Let’s hope Houston Dale and his team of Razorback counselors can draw the same obvious conclusion that a non-insider like myself easily came to and re-instate Marcus Harrison after his one game suspension for not wearing a seat belt while letting this be a reminder to the rest of the team - wear your seatbelt!

Other News and Notes:
TE Ben Cleveland's shoulder/neck is still bothering him. From what I've heard, the muscles are ripped completely from the bone but he is not ruling out a return to the lineup very soon as Cleveland has a high pain tolerance.

WR Marcus Monk's right knee is improving nicely. As gimpy as he is right now, I have estimated that he could still out run 87.5% of the other receivers in the league if lined up to do so right now. Due to the outstanding depth at receiver, Monk is going to be allowed to recouperate at his own pace until he is about 100%. If he were at LSU or Alabama or Notre Dame or Ohio State, he would be forced into duty week one, newly repaired knee and all.

Center Jonathan Luigs is back at 100% this weekend after falling ill last week.
"I just realized last week that neither Phil Steele's, Athlon's, nor The Sporting News' preseason publications had us even in the top 25 and that made me puke my guts out," said Luigs, "I about hacked up a lung at the initial shock."

(Arkansas Center, 2007 1st Team All American and future Pro Football Hall of Famer, Jonathan Luigs)

I don't think I even need to state the necessary boycotts needed at this point. Seriously, those three consider themselves legitimate publications? Ridiculous.

D-Mac's website promoting him for a trophy we all know that he's already won (see previous post) debuted:

Coming Up: A Hog Blog Preview of the Razorbacks' season opener against the Troy University Baby Prevention.

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