Monday, April 6, 2009

We Need Some Good Arkansas Local Television

There's no college football or basketball to be televised and very little Arkansas baseball to be shown, so I propose someone come up with some good local programming to kill the time until football season starts back up in August.

That someone doesn't even have to think very hard, because I'm here to provide the solution.

I dare you to tell me you wouldn't watch this...

Must be said in your most dramatic Jeff Probst voice - 16 Arkansas sportscasters, meteorologists, and news anchors, but only one Arkansas Survivor!

(Bring in crazy Survivor theme music)

Two tribes split with one representing Little Rock news media and one representing NW Arkansas news media being put to the test for 40 days in the Ozark National Forest with the goal of outwitting, outlasting, and outplaying..

Come on, you would watch if only to see if Matt Turner's golden, brawny face would gradually melt away or not. Tensions would run high with Dan Skoff and Ned Perme arguing how much rainfall they can expect in the coming days.

Somebody needs to make this show happen, because I can already see Bo Mattingly forming three different alliances while Neile Jones and Heather Crawford are forced to fend off coyotes and bears every night as Chuck Barrett sleeps soundly while snoring too loud, and becoming the over-bearing bossy leader that everyone secretly hates.

The anti-Jeff Probst, Rick Schaeffer would host.

Arkansas Survivors Ready! Go!

Ratings gold I tell ya!

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