Monday, April 20, 2009

Hog Tale Madness Championship Week

It's been a long and hard (that's what she said) road for our two remaining Arkansans in The Hog Tale's first annual Hog Tale Madness. Be sure to get your vote in this week and good look to the former President and Humanity Advanced.

The last remaining #1 seed, DMac is perhaps the greatest Razorback football player of all-time. Should have won at least one Heisman while becoming Arkansas' all-time leader in rushing yards and highlight-reel runs. Now an Oakland Raider, "Humanity Advanced" hopes to have a healthy second season and some decent linemen.

McFadden's path to the championship:
Ralphie May (1st round)
Scottie Pippen (2nd round)
Todd Day (Sweet 16)
John Daly (Elite 8)
Nolan Richardson (Semi-finals)


"Slick Willie" is the former President of the United States and current good will ambassador and supporter of his much more powerful wife Hilary. Famous for his adulterous affairs (and a few of his policies), Clinton was one of the most polarizing presidents in U.S. history and helped call the Hogs all the way to a NCAA basketball championship under Nolan Richardson.

Bill Clinton's path to the championship:
Norm DeBryin (1st round)
Corliss Williamson (2nd round)
Mark Martin (Sweet 16)
Frank Broyles (Elite 8)
Jermain Taylor (Semi-finals)

Vote to the right. Voting ends Saturday at midnight.

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