Sunday, April 19, 2009

Razorfest '09 Recap

Spring football is officially in the books for 2009 and amidst the rain and clouds, 30,000 fans took in the annual red-white game. The weather kept some of the fans away as attendance was down just a little bit, but all in all it was another outstanding Razorfest. As usual, there was plenty of games, food, and entertainment for all ages. Even the Hog Heaven store had everything 50% off, so I purchased Rick Schaeffer's University of Arkansas Football Vault which is really a cool book and lists at $49.95.

Felix Jones and Dick Butkus (and Dick's son Matt) were on hand to take pictures and sign autographs. Former Razorbacks Darren McFadden and Ken Hamlin were also in attendance at the game. Tyler Wilson actually outperformed Ryan Mallett statistically but Mallett took the majority of the snaps with the 1st team. Mallett threw for over 200 yards and two TDs while Wilson clipped the 300 yard mark with 2 TDs. The Red Team won 49-21 just as I knew they would. DeAnthony Curtis rushed for over a 100 yards, but 55 of them occurred on his first carry that resulted in a touchdown for the red team. You can check out the blog of the game at the Arkansas Razorbacks official website.

The end of the game marked the end of this field because Coach Petrino requested a new artificial field be installed, and that's going in this week. If you were at Razorfest, you could have purchased 9 inch by 9 inch squares for $10 each. I decided against such a purchase though it would have been really cool to purchase the whole endzone and put it in my back yard.

Holy Hog stuff! Free posters! Hooray! Made the whole trip worthwhile.

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