Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dick To Davie - Touchdown Jets!

(Jets fans react upon hearing the good news of Casey Dick and Andrew Davie reporting for a minicamp this weekend)

Expect to hear the Dick to Davie touchdown call often in the coming years in New York, because former Razorbacks Casey Dick and Andrew Davie are headed to the big apple to become superstars.

Both former Hogs will be headed to New York this weekend for a Jets minicamp where it is my best guess that both will test off the charts there, and the Jets will immediately start shopping Mark Sanchez to other NFL teams as trade potential to help acquire more important needs like receiver and more offensive line protection for Dick next season.

I can't wait to hear Jets fans calling the Hogs this fall.

Other non-drafted Razorbacks to sign free agent contracts include:

Tackle Jose Valdez with the Atlanta Falcons
Cornerback Jamar Love with the New England Patriots
QB Alex Mortensen with Tennessee (yes, I re-read that one about 12 times to make sure I was reading it right).

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