Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The annual Spring game is Saturday, and I will be enjoying the festivities known as Razorfest from noon until whenever. I'll try and post a link or something showing times for everything, guests on hand, etc. in the next day or two.

One of 10 to watch!?
One of the Heisman trophy finalists is what I think! And I'm sure that at some point very soon, Beano Cook will go a step further and predict two Heisman trophies for The Mallett before he leaves campus for a multi-million dollar payday in the NFL. What I'm referring to is the dude over at SI who's promoting Ryan Mallett as one of 10 players to watch next season in college football.

Give the man two! so sayeth Beano

The Hog baseball team, which was #1 in the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper entering last week dropped to #5 after sweeping Arizona State, but losing two to Vandy. The #5 ranking is still behind SEC opponents LSU (#1) and Georgia (#2).

You did hear about John Daly selling gear in the parking lot of The Masters this past weekend didn't you?

For an interesting read, check out The Slow Fade of Mitch Mustain. The title says it all. I hope I never have to read "The Slow Fade of The Hog Tale," though the last few weeks have been pretty pitiful by my own standards with the lack of posts. I'll try and do better... or maybe I won't.

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