Friday, October 3, 2008

Let's Get Tebow bow bow bow bow bow: The Arkansas - FloRida Preview

Arkansas (2-2, 0-2 SEC) vs. Florida (3-1, 1-1 SEC)

Applebottom jean shorts and the boots with the fur,
the Hog d-line was looking at her,
she dropped back and started to throw, next thing you know
Razorbacks crushed Tebow bow bow bow bow

Gators, Gators, Gators. Welcome to Fayetteville and if you're reading this from somewhere outside of Fayetteville then stay there for you own safety. Because the Gators and Gator fans that are here this weekend are walking into a place they can't possibly win at, and they don't realize it.

Of course, Florida coach Urban Meyer is fairly confident and still bitter about last week's loss to Ole Miss in this just released sound bite from his weekly press conference...

It's a Hog team hungry for a big win. A Hog team with death and destruction on its' mind. A Hog team that wants to crush Tebow to make up for last year's slight in giving Tebow the Heisman over the baddest man on the planet, Darren McFadden. Anyone that watches college football will tell you that the best collegiate football player last year was Darren McFadden. Not even close. Felix Jones was probably second. I am still pissed about the stupid, racist Heisman voters.

(a group of last year's Heisman voters)

The final analysis:

The Hogs will make Tim Tebow cry at some point on Saturday. It's going to be all Hogs Saturday, because the odds dictate that they will come up with some big plays. It will be a friendly crowd and a Florida team coming off of a loss to Houston Nutt and Ole Miss in Gainesville last Saturday. They suck if they lost at home to Ole Miss, so by that rationale, they will suck against Arkansas tomorrow as the Razorbacks jump out to a 52-0 lead and hold on to win 52-51.


Arkansas Hicks crack me up said...

hmmmm....sooo i wonder whos in the national title this year? huh...i think its florida and tim tebow? and if im right...florida beat arkansas? i think thats right. so get off your "Darren Mcfadden didnt win so the whole world is racist" pedistal and learn a lil something about college football. You live in one of the most racist states in the world and you call a bunch of media writers racist wow. get over it mcfadden is gone and arkansas sucks. so if your looking for an out on why you suck, choose an excuse like your offense, coaching, or as i can see your fans. so get off your tractors, so having inbred children with your cousins, put on something other than overalls and learn a lil something before you talk crap on other teams you have no chance on competing with.

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