Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hotty Toddy, My Favorite Wrestler is Rowdy Roddy

(Ole Miss defensive stud Greg Hardy gets some nap time in before practice)

Everyone's number one dictionary resource, The Urban Dictionary, calls the Hotty Toddy cheer: "The most annoying, pointless cheer ever created for a college football team! It only makes sense if you have been drunk since 6am and are surrounded by a group of snooty, stuck up, spoiled rotten white kids."

Couldn't agree more (and yes, I see the irony in the situation coming from anti-Hoggers who will argue that woo pig sooie is just as bad if not worse, so save your comments).

In the interest of fairness (why? I don't know), The Urban Dictionary says this about woo pig sooie:
Originates from Arkansas. From the Razorback football team. Usually when something exciting happens, all the idiots in the stands yell "Woo pig sooie!!!" May also be used to call a pig.


It appears as if Michael Smith will be able to play this Saturday. Smith returned to practice on a limited basis on Wednesday.

Dude, this homo at cbssportsline has some issues with Arkansas. Someone get him a psych eval and throw him some facts (his are mostly skewed).

Tomorrow: The Arkansas-Ole Miss Preview

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