Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Not Just "Another" SEC Game: The Arkansas - Ole Miss Preview

Arkansas 3-4 (1-3) vs. Ole Miss 3-4 (1-3)
at: Reynolds Razorback Stadium
kickoff: 6 pm
TV: pay-per-view

Was it just another SEC game when Spurrier made his first trip back to Florida? Will it be just another SEC game when Saban goes back to LSU? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No. No. And, hell, no.

(Just a quick thought about the game being on pay-per-view: I think there is something inherently wrong with charging tv viewers to watch two sub-.500 teams play. I could understand if the SEC title were on the line or they were two Top 25 teams, but not only do fans have to suffer through a losing season, they have to shell out some bones to watch them on TV? I would like to bring this issue before the next President of the U.S. in hopes of reform.)

Back to the game...

You're going or have seen all kinds of quotes from players and coaches this week with a common theme of "it's an important SEC game" and "none of the other stuff matters. We're just trying to win another football game." "It's just another important SEC game."

Like Hell, I say to all.

This game is not just another SEC game. It's not just another one on the schedule that both teams are trying to win.

Think of it this way for you rock n' roll fans. Houston Nutt is David Lee Roth. He was the lead singer and a popular figure for many years in Arkansas. Then, he went a little nutty (no pun intended). Crazy things happened and were said. He wore out his welcome, much like Diamond Dave. Next thing you know, he is sort of forced out/fired. In comes Sammy Hagar (Petrino) and the band moves on and publicly wishes Houston well. Privately, the old band members hope Roth fails miserably, sells no albums, ends up in drug rehab, and is broke in six months.

You're either with Sammy or Dave. There is no in between, really. There is no best of both worlds. You choose a side. You stick with it, and you argue vehemently for it. Pretty plain and simple.

The Final Analysis:

Houston Nutt emerges to a mixed chorus of boos and cheers minus the cheers. The classy Nutt flips off the crowd and pulls on his Ole Miss shirt like football players do when they are showing off their team name.

He refuses to shake Petrino's hand before the game and orders their special teams unit to take out Arkansas kicker Alex Tejada on the opening kickoff. Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead tries his best to play like a legit SEC quarterback, but it's just not there as he throws six picks on his first seven passes and the Razorbacks are off and running. Michael Smith is healthy and shreds the Ole Miss defense for about 350 yards.

(I h8 r can saw. B home soon.)

The Hogs just dominate poor Houston and Ole Miss. Petrino lets up in the fourth quarter and in sticking with my pre-season prediction, Arkansas cruises to a 108-0 win.

Thanks to the gurus at for the above pics (more specifically as far as I can tell: Porkus, DRod70, and TravelHog)

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