Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Hog Tale Interviews Houston Nutt

With the big game approaching this weekend, The Hog Tale thought it would only be fitting to get that Ole Rebel, himself, Coach Houston Nutt in for a quick interview via the technology of satellite and voice modification.

Where are you at Coach? Looks like some pyramids in the background.

Really? I thought the grove included trees.

Are you excited to come back to a place you called home for many years?

Are those Camels in the background?

Can I ask about your new haircut and new look? What gives with the red mohawk and the motorcycle, coach?

OK. Fair enough. What does Ole Miss need to do this weekend to win at Arkansas?

What kind of reception do you anticipate receiving from the Razorback faithful this Saturday?

Well, Coach Nutt. You are definitely pretty confident. Any words of advice for your former quarterback Casey Dick, who has struggled in recent weeks.

Thanks for your time, Coach Nutt, and good luck this weekend in your return to Fayetteville.

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