Friday, October 10, 2008

A Gunslinger's Shootout Tomorrow: The Arkansas - Auburn Preview

Arkansas 2-3 (0-2 SEC) at #20 Auburn 4-2 (2-2 SEC)
Kickoff: 4pm CST
TV: ESPN Gameplan, , and on Pay-per-view on RazorVision for $34.95.

(Two ferocious offenses will be having a shootout at Jordan-Hare Stadium Saturday)

Who needs the OU - Texas Red River Rivalry this weekend with their gazillion points per game and their two Heisman Trophy candidates when you've got Arkansas at Auburn tomorrow? That's right, baby! Arkansas and Auburn are coming in guns a blazing with their high octane offenses (see the offensive breakdown below). Forget about Bradford-McCoy. Arkansas-Auburn will feature the Todd-Burns-Dick trio (that's a photo op waiting to happen).

The Tiggers have been so potent with their new spread offense that Tubsey fired offensive coordinator Tony Franklin six games into the season and replaced him temporarily with assistant coach Steve Ensminger. All that to the major enjoyment of Bama fans, who could be saddled with the country's #1 team after this weekend.

Arkansas has been so dynamic that the Hogs have scored 31 points the last three games. But that's all about to change on Saturday as the mighty Razorbacks are tired of being the butt of jokes around the SEC so far this season and I have lost no faith in the ability of the Arkansas offense despite the following numbers:

How the offenses break down in the SEC:

#11 in Points Per Game (17.4)
#7 in Yards Per Game
#12 in Rushing Yards Per Game
#2 in Passing Yards Per Game

#9 in Points Per Game (18.7)
#11 in Yards Per Game
#7 in Rushing Yards Per Game
#10 in Passing Yards Per Game

The Final Analysis:

I'm sticking with my original pre-season prediction. I've only missed three games so far this season, so it's not panic time for Double K.
Where's Will Muschamp when you really need him Auburn fans will be asking? Will Muschamp will be getting his ass kicked in Dallas by the Sooners and you're getting it too, Tuberville! Kodi Burns fumbles six times and the Razorbacks romp 63 to 10 over the Tiggers.
Woo to the Pig Sooie!

(Try and hit us, Auburn. (What?) I said we're coming down there and see what happens if you try and hit us.)

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