Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're Talkin' Bout Practice

Well, the first official day of fall practice is done, and Coach Petrino declared it a resounding success.

"The first day was awesome. The players were incredible. The coaches were outstanding, and even the water boys were all-SEC caliber. We are going to win the national championship this year," said the fired up first year Arkansas coach.

"We're ready," said Petrino, "It's very likely that I'll give the kids the rest of the month off up until August 29th, when we will get together for a walk through before we play Western on Saturday the 30th. We need to beat the heat and stay inside so we don't get over heated and/or injured, so I'm telling the guys to get in as much NCAA 2009 on XBox or Playstation as they possibly can in preparation for the upcoming season."

Elsewhere, here is a photo of Reggie Fish showing off the new Razorback uniforms. I like the tusks.

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