Thursday, August 7, 2008

Time For Some SEC Prognosticating

We are a week into August, meaning we are less than a month to the kickoff of the college football season and it's time for a little SEC prognosticating (for you Kentucky and Tennessee people, prognosticating is a big word for making predictions).

Here is how The Hog Tale is breaking down the SEC Conference in general (a more detailed game by game Arkansas breakdown will be forthcoming):

The Media's SEC East Prediction looked like this:
1. Florida (45)
2. Georgia (23)
3. Tennessee (2)
4. South Carolina
5. Kentucky
6. Vanderbilt

I'll make this easy: I agree with the exception that I'm swapping Georgia and Florida and going with the Dawgs to take the SEC Least. Easy enough.

Now, onto more important divisions in college football...

The SEC West:

The Media's SEC West Prediction:
1. Auburn (48)
2. LSU (21)
3. Alabama
4. Mississippi State
5. Ole Miss (1)
6. Arkansas

What the!? The Hog Tale takes great exception to these rankings and is making its own, more accurate prediction as follows:

#6 Ole Miss - do I really need a good reason for this? They are going to suck, though Vandy and Kentucky would love to have a few of their defensive linemen from the photo below.

#5 Mississippi State - I love Croom. I just don't love his team.

#4 Alabama - Darth Saban has recruited young jedis very well in his short time at Bama and may be a national contender in the coming years... just don't see it this year as Bama fans wearing their fancy Bear Bryant hats become restless. Love that Jessica Parker Wilson!

#3 Auburn - they will choke under the heavy expectations of winning the SEC West; who else thinks they can win the SEC West with Ft. Smith product Kodi Burns at QB? (I'm looking around, and I don't see any hands. You know what they say about karma.)

#2 LSU - with a chance to win the SEC West and national championship aspirations, Miles' boys will go down in Little Rock this year crushing any national championship hopes the purple and gold had.

#1 Arkansas - Petrino will have Casey Dick throwing the ball a lot, and then throwing it some more. Expect a few 70-65 wins and a few more 84-58 wins by the Hogs as the defense may be a little suspect this season, but the offense will look like Texas Tech's on crack.

I might be the only person in the country predicting the Hogs to win the SEC West so just remember that come the end of November when they are sitting on top looking down at the rest of the big bad SEC West.

If for some reason, they don't win the SEC West, I'm sure it will be due to injuries, bad refs, cheating opponents, global warming, the war in Iraq, Tony Romo's girlfriend, or a combination of those things.

(Don't you dare jinx us this season, Jessica. Don't you dare. And, stay away from Casey Dick)

Woo to the pig sooie!

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