Monday, August 18, 2008

And the Countdown Continues

I'm back from Oklahoma, and since I know you can barely contain your excitement, here is the thrilling conclusion to the 2008 football media guide covers rankings:

#6 Auburn

I actually like the artwork/graphics on this cover, but do we need Tommy T front and center? I say no. I think it would have been more appropriate to put something like "We Own Bama" on there somewhere. That's why I'm deducting from their overall ranking and going with the Cocks in front at #5.

#5 South Carolina

I like this artwork/graphics just a little bit better than Auburn's though the premise is the same. You've got the head coach, aka "The Visor" in the middle and some stud players flanking him on both sides. Hmmm, not sure if I should use the words stud players in a paragraph about South Carolina football.

#4 Florida

Now, we enter the bling section of the countdown as Florida shows off their hardware. Interesting that the current Heisman Trophy champion is nowhere to be seen here. If any SEC school wanted a legit coverboy it should be Florida and quarterback Tim Teblow. Anyway, hard to argue with the bling, but this is somewhat similar to what they did on last year's cover and that's why LSU gets the nod in front of them.

#3 LSU

Here is a pretty simple and classy cover, which is suprising for me coming from a program run by Les Miles. Anyway, the BCS champs have earned the right to, and are flaunting the Crystal footballs for all to see. If you look close enough though, ah hell you don't even have to look close, you'll notice there is no Golden Boot though, cause that baby is in Fayetteville!

#2 Alabama

Finally! What took a SEC school so long to finally do something unique? Preseason publications have been doing it for years, and Alabama did it this year when they came up with four different covers for their media guide. Beats the hell out of last year's Nick Saban walking cover. They have the cool two tone look to the covers as well. Kudos to the Bammers for finally doing something different.

#1 Arkansas

Who did you expect to finish #1 at The Hog Tale? With this year's SEC Coach of the year and the best center in the whole nation, make that the whole planet, no, make that the whole universe on the cover, I had to go with the Hogs. Granted, it's not as cool as last year's cover which featured two first round draft picks and four NFL draft picks overall, but it will surely do.


gerry dorsey said...

wow...very ea sports of bama. that's actually the first time i've seen that.

DoubleK said...

about the only thing missing from the cover was a cool plug for Uncle Rico's Time Machine

gerry dorsey said...

hell yes