Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here Come the Ugly Brothers

Arkansas 9-1 vs. Oklahoma 12-0 #4

One is ugly. The other is even uglier. I'll let you decide which is which.

That's right Razorback fans - two ugly brothers for the price of one tonight at Bud Walton Arena! The only problem: one is a hell of a player and the other is not too bad either. But enough praise for the brothers Griffin known as Blake and Taylor, because this site is not for the praise of opponents.

Tonight will be the young Hogs first test of the season and it couldn't come against a better team to take down than the #4 ranked OU Sooners.

The brothers Griffin will be matched up against the brothers Michael for Arkansas. Michael Washington and Michael Sanchez will have the task of containing the younger Griffin, Blake, who will bring his 23 pts. and 14 rebounds per game average to Fayetteville. The potential #1 NBA draft pick this season will get a rude awakening the first time Michael Sanchez hacks him across the head (Vegas over/under line is approx. 17 seconds into the game).

This will be no easy walkover win for Arkansas. In fact, they will have to fight to beat OU by more than 10 points, but I think Clarke and Fortson are too tough for OU's guards and the Hogs win by 12.

(Aaacckk! You didn't think it was possible for OU to have any uglier players than the Griffins did you? Wrong! This is Austin Johnson. Courtney Fortson, Stefan Welsh, and Rotnei Clarke will have the job of staring at this dude's ugly grill all night long. What the hell is that growing out of his chin?)

(If this happens tonight and I was on the floor, I would make sure I punched him in the nutsack. That's just me though, and maybe Joe Kleine.)

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J said...

He better be good to dress like this...