Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Honoring Greatness

This is old news around here, because it's been known about for months, but here is Arkansassports Chris Bahn's article from yesterday with quotes from Nolan himself about the upcoming celebration ceremony to be done on February 28th and on March 1st when the Razorbacks host Georgia honoring the 1994 National Championship team.

Topics and speeches to be covered that weekend:

* Dwight Stewart's speech - "Dwight Stewart could have gone pro if Corliss weren't around"
* "The greatness of the Scotty Thurman Three - a 60 minute frame by frame commentary on the three pointer against Duke" by Scotty Thurman
* Corliss Williamson: "Big Nasty's Big Tips About Big Freeloaders Wanting Big Child Support Payments"
* Rick Schaeffer's photographic memory recalling every second from the championship game
* Frank Broyles' speech - "I hired the black coach that won it. It was all me! Me! Me! Me!"
* Davor Rimac's speech - "Remember Me?"
* Coach Mike Anderson's speech - "How we would have never lost those three games that year if Nolan would have listened to me."
* Nolan's speech - "I never ran a single set play all year and still beat everyone's asses"
* Nolan's encore speech - "The Day I Peed in the White Haired Devil's Shampoo Bottle"

Suck it Duke! Look at those Dookies. There was no way they were beating us with big, stupid Cherokee Parks as their center.

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